About Us

Since 1977, the Tax Recruiting Specialists have worked closely with candidates and clients alike to bring success to the complex, time-consuming tax professional search process. I started our business with a mission to help businesses find harmony in their tax departments by discovering the right tax professionals, and continue that mission to this day. There’s nothing better in our work at TRS than to help candidates discover great careers as clients acquire and retain exceptional talent.

I’ve had the privilege and honor to help place candidates at companies and firms of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 100 giants to bulge-bracket banks, hedge funds, accounting firms, law firms and other businesses across countless industries. As a boutique search firm, each partnership with a candidate or client is not a mass-produced arrangement, but an in-depth relationship to realize synergy between the needs of both parties. Success depends on ensuring candidates and clients alike get what they’re looking for and we work with both to do everything we can to ensure satisfied partners.

We are experts in fulfilling tax related roles and utilize this expertise to capture a deep understanding that other recruiters may lose as they work with candidates and clients. I invite you to learn more about the difference between TRS and other search firms as you consider our services.

Should you have any questions about how we can better serve your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. I do hope our website helps offer a look into how we conduct our searches and how invested we are in the success of our partners.



Jay Heino


The Tax Recruiting Specialists at Jay Heino Co. LLC