Our Candidates:

There’s nothing that brings our team more joy than the opportunity to help candidates discover fulfilling careers at firms ranging from Fortune 100 giants to specialty firms and offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We’ve seen talent of all levels and compensation come through our firm in the last 35 years and we continue to pride ourselves in our ability to match great talent with great companies and firms.

Our mission is to help candidates and clients find synergy in their search. Just as we hope to find companies the talent they deserve, we work to find candidates workplaces they’ll look forward to arriving at each morning.


Interested? Candidates can learn more by clicking here to view our open searches, or you can submit your resume to us today to begin the search process.

Candidates: We understand your interests and your goals when considering a potential career:

  • You seek a firm where your input matters as a tax professional in financial decisions
  • You desire a job that’s challenging, with fast-paced and fulfilling tax work
  • You’re looking for a shorter commute or more reasonable hours
  • You need a change of pace or wish to work somewhere that your expertise is recognized and rewarded
  • You’re a new mother or father and need special accommodations

We’re experts at showing clients the best you have to offer. That’s why we created an in-depth, multifaceted profile of each candidate we work with in our proprietary MONOCLE ® database. Candidates can submit more than hundred potential data points that can lead to a successful match, maximizing the chance of finding a career that fits with their interests. We love to listen and we’re here to help you with the expertise and knowledge no recruiter or other search firm can provide.

At the Tax Recruiting Specialists we partner with you throughout the qualification process, and provide individual guidance and coaching to guide you through the interview and other major steps to a career offer. We understand you don’t interview for a living, so that’s why we’re here to help at any stage of the process, whether you’re utilizing a search firm for the first time or just need a refresh on interviewing tips and tricks. Learn more.

We invite you to submit your resume and begin a conversation with us about your desires. We want to know everything important about your identity to help you find the best match. Even personal information about your family, your goals, and your expectations helps us fit a client’s culture to your lifestyle. For example, knowing you have a newborn tell us how likely you will work for a firm that requires regular travel or whether you’re interested in relocating for a position. Knowing your salary expectations is equally important, as it helps us match information such as your title and skills with how they commensurate to a client’s own ideal candidate profile. Every aspect is considered as we identify your knowledge, skills, and expertise.

But I’m not active at the moment...

To candidates not actively seeking employment: You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by sharing your resume with us. We’re here to help you discover your career, even if you’re not sure what the next step might be. Get started today by getting in touch or sharing your resume.

What do we do once we receive your resume? We at TRS pledge two things to you:

  1. We will always share with you the name of the company we are sending your resume to.
  2. In the rare occasion in which we’ve been asked not to mention a company’s name, we pledge to inform you at the conclusion of the search where we’ve submitted your resume.

You have a right to know this—it is extremely important to know up front what position at a company your resume is being sent to. If you don’t ask and give someone permission to release your resume, they could be sending it to anyone unbeknownst to you. Resumes include personal information and should be sent to people on an individual basis. We encourage you to be informed for your own success.


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