Five tips for your next job interview


If you’re beginning the job search for the first time in several years, you might be a little rusty on getting through the interview process. Often highly qualified positions require multiple interviews with managers, coworkers, and even executives in order to assess how well you’d fit at the company or firm. If you’re wondering what’s the best way to interview, here are five things to consider during the interview process to give you the best chance at success. We’ve developed these ideals from our decades of work at helping candidates find successful matches.

  1. Express confidence

When you walk in the door, everything about you, from your clothes to your smile, must express how happy you are to have the opportunity to meet with a potential employer. This is all an extension of how confident you should be during the interview process. Whether it’s a screening with human resources, a lunch with a manager, or any other interaction, it should show the confidence you have in being a successful partner in the success of the company.

Being confident will also make you more comfortable during the interview. This is something employers care a lot about when determining how well you’ll fit at the company or firm. Keep this in mind throughout your interviews.

  1. Be honest and straightforward

When you’re applying for a highly qualified position, the interview process isn’t designed to trick or deceive you. The interviewers are trying to understand more about you as a candidate, why you want to work at their company, and how well you’ll fit with the rest of the company. It’s important to be straightforward in answering the questions they ask you. There will always be questions about your weaknesses, times you’ve failed, or about things you do not know. It’s important to frame honestly what you do know, to explain what matters to you, and to express interest in learning more about what you don’t already know.

  1. Be genuine

Sometimes candidates forget that an interview is about more than how well a job you’ll do in the office. When you’re spending 40 hours or more a week in an office, coworkers and managers alike want someone they’ll look forward to seeing in their meetings. Everyone has hobbies, and another way to stay relaxed and confident in interviews is to stay genuine. While interviews are important, professional meetings to learn about your skills, opportunities may arise to share a hobby, sport, or activity that your future coworkers or managers may relate to. They want to know you’re a hard worker, but that you enjoy your personal life as well and will bring a positive atmosphere to the workplace.

  1. Ask questions and express interest

When being interviewed, always be ready to ask follow-up questions, even for things you already know about at the company. When being interviewed by a manager, they want to see you’re interested in working at the employer, as well as knowing more about the company or firm’s mission, goals, and values. Asking questions shows your interest in engaging with these ideas, and is a helpful way to set yourself apart from other candidates. It’s also a way to show your genuine interest in the career and an interest in having a conversation with an employer, rather than a one-way dialogue. A great search firm helps candidates with staying engaged and will often prove this through their satisfied clients and candidates.

  1. Always be thankful and forward thinking

Whenever you finish an interview, it should always end with a “Thank You,” a smile, and a kind handshake. You should also express interest in following up, and it’s not uncommon to send along a thank-you letter to whomever you’ve spoken with, whether they’re a co worker, a manager, or an executive. Even if you never see a reply, it means a lot to show a company or firm how much you care to be thankful and thoughtful for their time, and could be all the difference in the opportunity to receive an offer. Always be thankful and forward thinking, so don’t forget to ask everyone for a business card.

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