Alexander Jones

I was fortunate to work with Jay Heino during my career transition in 2015. Jay Heino CompanyLLC is a boutique firm specializing in Tax Recruitment. Jay Made a long, arduous hiring process pleasant and extremely informative. Unlike other recruiters I had worked with, Jay is hardworking, responsive, guanine and has an abundance of industry knowledge that is both trustworthy and very helpful. Jay thames the role of “truted adviser” he listens, understands, and delivers a solution. For example, Jay consulted with me through several difficult aspects of recruitment process and suggested pathways for me to follow that I would not have contemplated without his guidance.

Jay provided me with the resources that helped me gain a greater understanding to the role I was seeking, in addition to those I would be working with. His advise regarding the postion I was seeking and the offer process was extremely helpful and invaluable. I would not have been as prepared for the interviews or what to ask once the offer precess commenced without jay’s in sites. jay’s open communication, which included his perusal cellphone made it easier to get all of my questions and concerns answered immediately. He kept in constant contact with follow ups and preparation materials which helped tremendously. It would be a privilege to work with Jay again and I have recommended using Jay to friends who looking for a career transition.

I would be happy to speak with you in more detail about my experiences with Jay if you have any questions. Thank you.