Steve Brown

In 1999, IDT was an up and coming company in the telecommunications industry without a structured Tax department. With rapid growth approaching, finding unique individuals to meet the challenges and to overcome the obstacles was crucial to the success of the company.

Jay Heino Company produced a slate of candidates all possessing impressive credentials. Through the company’s recommendation, a Sr. Vice President of Tax was hired. Subsequently, a Federal Tax Manager and a State & Local Tax Manager would complete the group. The expertise that Jay Heino’s Company demonstrated in matching candidates for specific positions in the Tax area has proven to be a success.

The expense incurred in utilizing a recruiting firm vs. the traditional method of hiring a candidate also made for a cost efficient solution. Considering the over supply of candidates in the market and the need to narrow down the pool, the Jay Heino Company provided a service to IDT which proved invaluable.

IDT will not hesitate to utilize the services of the Jay Heino Company in the future should the need arise.