The TRS Difference

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The TRS Difference

As a boutique search firm focused on tax specialists, including tax accountants, tax attorneys and tax controllers, we take pride in our ability to deeply understand such a complex, multifaceted field as this, relative to each business’s needs.

Whether you’re a potential client or candidate, it’s important to consider three reasons why working with a boutique firm like the Tax Recruiting Specialists can yield greater success for your business or career than a larger, more generalized search firm.

  • Every Partner Matters.

Every partnership, whether with a client or a candidate, begins with an in-depth consultation. We’re not here to place an employee—we’re here to place talented tax professionals for long term success. 

This is why we take such an in-depth look at both our clients and our candidates throughout the search process. We know the difference the right employee can make in a tax department, which is why we spend time outlining your goals, desires, and interests. We’re here to help clients and candidates find harmony in the complexity of a talent search process. This is why we spend so much time profiling candidates and identifying client goals, let alone every other step we take in the search process.

  • Every Data Point Matters.

As we speak with CFOs and tax executives throughout the year, we ask two simple questions to help identify trends in the tax market: What are the goals of your tax department and what kind of tax professionals are you looking for to achieve those goals?

With this knowledge in mind, we closely monitor the information we gather from candidates and clients at all experience levels and backgrounds on a regular basis. Our proprietary MONOCLE® database was designed exclusively to enable our team to maintain and review unique data points across each candidate and client. The tax questionnaire in our proprietary MONOCLE® database was created with the assistance of queries to CFOs, Global Heads of Tax, CPA and law firm partners, senior executives, and other senior tax professionals we work with on a regular basis.

When you begin working with us, we will document every bit of information you share with us. These countless data points are then categorized and profiled into a model, allowing us to link potential matches and give us an understanding deeper than a job description or resume would offer.

More Importantly, we know our candidates and clients by name. While we do deeply profile every client and candidate, you are not merely a data point in our system. Rather, you are an individualized partner with needs and desires that we take great time to understand.

  • Every Opportunity Matters

We’re not here to match as many people as possible or to rush through each candidate or client review. We focus on each partner to understand their needs and desires. When an opportunity passes through our office, we review and qualify that opportunity to ensure it matters to each candidate or client. 

The moment we make an introduction between a candidate and a client, it’s because we see something that no resume or job description alone can provide. We value the time of our clients and candidates, so we ensure every opportunity matters along the way.

We invite you to learn more about how we can make the difference in your search, whether it’s for a new career or an ideal candidate. Contact us to begin your own individual consultation.

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